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When the Chontal Indians in Mexico found the dream herb formally known as Calea Zacatechichi thousands of years ago and have been using it ever since as a way to open the gates to the mysterious dream realm. This herb will allow you to be fully relaxed and in a lucid state while you sleep. The Indians believed that this dream herb would give them divine dreams and allow them to see things that they would have not seen if they did not use the herb. Before you begin using this as the Chontal Indians did, it is important that you understand where it is legal, how to use it and other options you may have other than the original form.

The Calea Zacatechichi herb is becoming more and more popular. Through its popularity within the United States, the government has given this herb the label of unscheduled. This means that it is not illegal yet, but it is in review and the government is watching how people use it. Also, in some states such as Louisiana, you are able to use this dream herb as incense but it is illegal to ingest the substance. If you are interested in this herb, it is wise to try it before it becomes illegal.

No matter if you are using this herb to bring you peace and serenity during your sleep or to fend of stomach issues like diarrhea and lower your fever, it is a good idea to know how to get the dream herb ready to consume. This is a medium sized plant that once it is fully grown, the leaves are removed and dried. If you are seeking the most beneficial outcome from using Calea Zacatechichi, you will want to begin by making a tea-like drink by using hot, boiling water to steep the leaves. After you drink the bitter and sometimes nauseating substance, you will then roll a cigarette using the dream herb and smoke it. It is a good idea to be in a quiet and calm place while smoking so that you can enter deeply into the dream realm.

If you are weary about drinking and smoking Calea Zacatechichi, you may buy it in a pill. This way you can take it at anytime and will not be smoking. You will definitely have all of the benefits of the dream herb even though you are not ingesting it the traditional way.

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